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Action Games
Doc Ock Rampage Doc Ock Rampage
Go on a rampage with Doc Ock and destroy everything in sight.
Views: 779
Category: Action Games
Aventura Magica Aventura Magica
Help rescue Timmy's Fairy God Parents.
Views: 727
Category: Action Games
Invasion 2196 Invasion 2196
Shoot the oncoming enemies. Has an astroids feel to it.
Views: 643
Category: Action Games
Shooting Games
House Of Ghouls House Of Ghouls
Shoot all the ghouls in the graveyard, house and other parts with yo..
Views: 1732
Category: Shooting Games
Camper Strike Camper Strike
Shoot the targets in this cool target shooting game. Press scope to ..
Views: 801
Category: Shooting Games
S.A.M Site S.A.M Site
Prevent the rockets from breaching your city's border as you lo..
Views: 1029
Category: Shooting Games
Racing Games
Chevy Racer Chevy Racer
Race around in a hot Chevy! Use 4 and 6 on the keypad to steer, try ..
Views: 2063
Category: Racing Games
Jungle Patrol Jungle Patrol
The bus is heading towards the bombs?what do you do?... what do you ..
Views: 1862
Category: Racing Games
Weird Bicycle Game Weird Bicycle Game
I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like! Speed dow..
Views: 2764
Category: Racing Games
Fighting Games
The Legend Of Dragon Fist The Legend Of Dragon Fist
The aim of this beat 'em up game is to defeat 10 opponents. All..
Views: 2666
Category: Fighting Games
Whack Your Boss Whack Your Boss
Find the 7 different ways to whack your boss in this painfully funny..
Views: 5254
Category: Fighting Games
Towel Fighter Towel Fighter
I have no idea who makes these game ideas, but this is a really clev..
Views: 2732
Category: Fighting Games
Puzzle Games
Robots Attack Robots Attack
Shoot down space robots with your laser weaponry, pick up power ups ..
Views: 667
Category: Puzzle Games
Hacker 2 Hacker 2
Did you think the original “hacker?was easy? Try your hand ..
Views: 702
Category: Puzzle Games
Forbidden Recipes Forbidden Recipes
Mix ingredients to create a perfect sauce and pour it on the blue pe..
Views: 655
Category: Puzzle Games
Sports Games
110m Hurdles 110m Hurdles
Race against the clock running on the track jumping over hurdles to ..
Views: 935
Category: Sports Games
Kick Off Kick Off
Cool football game, try and beat the keeper
Views: 1420
Category: Sports Games
Drive And Dodge Drive And Dodge
Drive and dodge away from the other car.
Views: 858
Category: Sports Games
Classic Games
Comboling Puzzle Comboling Puzzle
Connect each block with a straight line.
Views: 972
Category: Classic Games
Moon Cave Moon Cave
Fly the space ship without blowing up.
Views: 956
Category: Classic Games
Rickshaw Jam Rickshaw Jam
An online clone of the Binary Arts Rush Hour game.
Views: 867
Category: Classic Games
Non.Rated Games
Tobby Kingyo Tobby Kingyo
A great Japanese style fishing game where you must catch all of the ..
Views: 701
Category: Non.Rated Games
Fun Santa Fun Santa
A storm has blown away Santas presents. Help him to get them all bac..
Views: 984
Category: Non.Rated Games
Turbo Tank Turbo Tank
Travel through the cities, shooting down people with your cannon and..
Views: 849
Category: Non.Rated Games